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Sheetfed Inks/ Spot Color Mixing

Our credo (“Interested in color” – Interesuje Nas Kolor) is fully implemented and exercised in the course of our spot color mixing department activities.

We offer spot colors mixed according to Pantone, HKS and RAL books, as well as custom-made colors; we will match wet samples or dry prints supplied to us.

We mix spot colors with the usage of Sun Chemical color bases, Irocart series, in order to ensure excellent quality of ready-made ink. Irocart bases for color mixing have been extremely successful in the European market for many years now. This robust ink is characterized by high pigment content and color strength, as well as by unique resistance properties (lightfastness, alcohol and alkali).

Spot colors we supply to the market are applied to a wide range of substrates (coated and un-coated alike), and are ideally suited for varnishing (both in- and off-line).

Irocart inks perform very well on fastest printing presses as well as in work and turn technology.

We can also mix metallic inks.

Samples of mixed inks are thoroughly checked by our QC department: with a spectrophotometer we will measure relevant values and verify that ready-made ink is fully in spec. We would also ensure that submitted sample (wet or dry) is perfectly matched. Per our customers’ request we would supply quality certificate and printed sample.

Lead time we guarantee will not exceed 24 hrs from receiving your order: this holds true for brand new colors as well, not only for repeatable jobs.

Spot colors are packed in a variety of tins/ totes, capacity of which ranges from 1 to 20 kg; ink can also be supplied in vacuum-closed tins (1 and 2.5 kgs).

Flexible Packaging Inks/ Dispensing Systems

We offer our services in the area of mixing rotogravure and flexo inks (solvent-based for both surface printing and lamination, as well as water-based). We produce acrylic technology varnishes and lacquers.

Inks are produced with the use of highly concentrated pigment bases characterized by high resistance values (lightfastness, lactic acid, fat, detergents, fertilizers). Technology varnishes can be formulated to suit idiosyncratic customer’s needs and requirements related to printing & technological process as well as to packaging of products (rub resistance; heat-sealing; deep freezing).

Our customers will be able to print on the wide range of substrates including board & paper (coated and uncoated), foil (PA; PET; PVC; PP-CPP; OPP, also metalized and pearlescent, PE – LDPE and HDPE), aluminum foils and laminates of various constructions.

Inks produced by INK Polska are fit for printing with finest anilox rollers (up to 355 lines/cm) and will perform when printed with highest press speeds  (450 – 500 meters).

Inks are produced on two fully automated dispensing lines (of GSE manufacture), solvent-based made up of 32 unit and water-based – consisting of 21 units.

Each production batch is very rigorously tested – QC’ed: color accuracy is measured with a spectrophotometer; other specs are checked, e.g. viscosity, resistance to rub, heat resistance, lightfastness, coefficient of friction (COF).

If required by our customers, we will supply quality certificate along with color proof printed on desired substrate (paper, foil or any substrate supplied to us).

We will guarantee delivery time of 24 hours – regardless of whether it is repeated order or brand new shade. Standard packaging for dispensed inks is: 1 ton silos, 180 - 200 kg drums and totes: capacity of 5, 20 and 30 kgs (water-based) as well as 25 kg (solvent-based).

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